Permanent Make-Up (micro pigmentation)

Natural and harmonious in form and color
Perfect appearance - lasting – without make up

There is hardly a woman who is completely happy with her appearance and wouldn’t want to make some small changes to her face - be it to eyes that are not considered expressive enough, lips that are too pale and weakly contoured or irregular eyebrows. We should be thankful that there are possibilities to enhance natural beauty with little tricks and thereby improve one’s well-being. I will draw your face individually just as it would appear with the contour make up – without any obligation on your part. You will be trilled! I’m looking forward to meeting you!

This is how it’s done:

First I will measure your face and draw your eyebrows in a suitable color tone in the shape that you have determined. An exact pre-make up allows precise micro pigmentation. You eyes will be newly radiant thanks to a denser lash line or perfect eye lining.

Lips can be perfected with a color refresher and contouring that is applied with millimeter accuracy. Fully shaded lips and lip-enhancing Liplight are popular.

At the Beauty Klinik, we would like to advise you on enhancing your own personal look through the application of preliminary make up.

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Katharina Hahn

* These prices are orientation prices and apply for 2 treatment sessions  
Micro pigmentation eyebrows* 490,- €
Eyeliner or denser lash line*
Upper lid
Lower lid

350,- €
300,- €
Lip contouring and shading* 700,- €