Lower eyelid correction

Often it is said that the eyes mirror a person’s soul. People look into one another’s eyes. And a glance often says more than words alone. One’s eyelids have a great influence on physical appearance. Swollen or droopy eyelids give the appearance of tiredness, listlessness or sadness.

Droopy eyelids, dark rings or bags under the eyes are not exclusively age-related and can also affect young people. Allergies, genetic predisposition, translocated fat from the eye sockets or thin skin can also cause these conditions.

The incision for a lower eyelid correction extends directly along the edge of the eyelashes. Right after the procedure, it is possible to return home. Cool packs are used to counteract swelling and bruising. After about 7 days the sutures are removed.

Facts and costs  
Duration of hospitalization: Patients can be treated either on an outpatient basis or for 1 – 2 days as an in-patient
Anesthesia: Local anesthesia is administered by an anesthesiologist from our department of anesthesia. Upon request, the procedure can also be performed using general anesthesia.
Sutures: Will be removed on the 7th or 8th day
Seclusion: Approx. 10 days
Follow-up care: On the 2nd, 7th or 8th day. Further treatment will be scheduled in consultation with the surgeon.
Price: 1.950,- € plus anesthesia costs

Inner lower eyelid lifting
With this method, the bulging fat pads in the form of bags under the eyes are relocated back into the eye socket. A positive side effect of this method is that the membrane, whose function is to retain the fat within the eye socket, is stabilized. Generally this treatment has long-lasting results.
Even when properly carried out, eyelid corrections are not completely risk free. Dr. Klesper will address this in detail during consultations.