Liposuction Hamburg

Men and women alike, dream of a firm and attractive figure without bothersome fatty deposits. These deposits, which have built up over the years, can often not be tackled alone through diet and exercise. The reason for this is fat cells whose stored amount of fat can be reduced temporarily but whose numbers remains constant.  This is where liposuction can help by removing fatty tissue - together with the fat cells - permanently.  Fundamentally, liposuction is a good method to get rid of unwanted fatty deposits, to correct the body proportions and thus to positively affect one’s sense of body.

The method:
Using the innovative vibration-assisted technique and TLA (tumescent local anesthesia), this procedure can be performed on an out-patient basis. Thus, the risks from the general anesthesia and the necessity of hospitalization are avoided. In vibration assisted liposuction, the oscillating tip of the suction tube loosens the fatty deposits more easily and more quickly. Only blunt cannulas are used and thus the incidence of bruising is very slight. Moreover, the connective and supportive tissue is not destroyed. Vibration assisted liposuction leads to the best-possible contouring results of any liposuction method. Before the performing liposuction surgery, a saline solution which also contains a local anesthetic, is injected into the area that is to be treated. Tissue that has been soaked in TLA is free of pain and its removal via the vibration technique is better and more risk-free than using other methods. As the suction cannulas are very thin, punctures of 4-6 mm are sufficient for inserting the instrument. These don’t even have to be sutured and become barely visible as they heal on their own. 

Liposuction takes between 1 to 3 hours. This cosmetic surgery is conducted in two steps. First a local anesthetic-containing saline solution is injected into the problem zones. Following an exposure time of about 30 minutes, the fatty deposits are removed through very thin suction cannula (1-3 mm).

Risks and possible side effects:
Liposuction is among the most commonly performed cosmetic surgeries and is thus considered well-tried and proven. Especially small, locally confined treatments with an extraction volume of less than two liters are generally considered to be non-critical. Nevertheless, as with other surgical procedures, it is not completely risk-free even when performed with the greatest of care and under the best of circumstances.

Apart from general risks such as healing disturbances, which are given for virtually any procedure, in individual cases an intolerance reaction or temporary numbness can occur. In cases where an especially large volume of fat was removed, the fluid loss can lead the circulatory problems which can, however, be quickly treated using standard medical procedures.