Woman´s facelift

To live means to age and aging leads to the diminishing of one’s moisture absorption capacity and a weakening of connective tissue. These irreversible tendencies can be intensified by behavioral patterns and genetic predisposition. In the course of the natural aging process, three very different kinds of facial wrinkles emerge. First wrinkles may appear already in the mid-20s. These are expression lines that are created by facial muscles when making an expression. By frequently activating certain muscle areas, the above lying skin is thrown into folds. Thus, lines that are determined by facial expressions will invariably develop over time.

Horizontal lines on the forehead, furrows at the bridge of the nose, laugh lines and crow’s feet are expression lines and, according to Dr. Bernd Klesper, a facial plastic surgeon as well as the BEAUTY KLINIK an der Alster’s senior physician, easy to treat. Patients are extremely pleased with regular pain-free treatments with BOTOX® or Vistabel, for example. These substances relax the facial muscles and prevent fine lines on the forehead and around the eyes when used regularly. This entails BOTOX® or Vistabel injections about every 6 to 8 months by an experienced professional.

Facts and costs  
Duration of
1-2 days
Anesthesia: General anesthesia administered by an anesthesiologist
Sutures: Will be removed on the 8th or 9th day
Duality: up to 10 years
Seclusion: Approx. two weeks.
Follow-up care: In consultation with the surgeon.
Prices: Forehead lift (brow lift) from 5.400,- €

Eyebrow lift
(endoscopic forehead lift) from 2.400,- €

Face / neck lift from 8.400,- €

Mini lift from 5.400,- €

The bothersome lip creases that develop on both the upper and lower lips are also a type of expression line. Frequently lipstick runs into these irregular contours. These lines can be permanently removed through dermabrasion.

Already at middle age, men and women can experience wrinkles due to a loss of substance. These are wrinkles that emerge because of a genetic predisposition or as a side effect of yoyo dieting. Visible consequences are deep nasolabial folds and sunken-in cheeks.

There are several forms of treatment for this condition. To treat unwanted nasolabial folds, an injection of hyaluronic acid or body fat can be carried out on an outpatient basis. These injections bring instant results that last up to 8 months. By using transferred body fat the results may last up to several years, however, this treatment requires a minor surgical procedure that is carried out under a local anesthetic. No hospital stay is necessary.

Patients with very deep nasolabial folds should consider using a combination of injections and a face lift using the SMAS method (SMAS = subcutaneous musculo-aponeurotic system).

Most people will finally also get the third kind of wrinkles, namely those that result from gravity.  Wrinkles that are due to gravitational forces manifest themselves on the face as so-called marionette creases, or as soft tissue sagging. Over the years, this sagging occurs more and more along the horizontal lower jaw bone.

This sagging tissue that is a result of the aging process and a loss of elasticity, can be treated with a precisely carried out facelift or a face-and-neck lift. At the Beauty Klinik an der Alster this is performed using a specially developed operation technique that ensures minimal scarring. This technique avoids the incision behind the ear that can expose the patient as “lifted”. With this technique, which is used by Dr. Klesper, the incision pattern is hidden within the ear.  A facelift using the SMAS technique returns the soft tissue and facial musculature to its proper position to the best possible extent. This can be done by aligning the musculature with the tissue layer and supporting ligaments, whose direction and tautness must be precisely determined before the operation.  A mere skin tightening procedure cannot produce such results.

In facial surgery it is essential to consider individual circumstances. Any surgical changes must not be directly obvious but should be visible only at a second glance.Your face should not look as though you have undergone surgery but rather should look rested and refreshed – yet always natural. A major part of the consultation with the patient is the elucidation of the risks and complications that may be expected. Following the surgical procedure patients receive tightly scheduled follow-up care to ensure a convincing final result.

Various kinds of facial wrinkles and lines emerge during the course of the successive phases of life. The underlying causes determine which of the several forms of treatment will be chosen to remedy them. Initially it may suffice completely to treat the lines just with injections or dermabrasion. At a later stage, and after a further loss of elasticity, a facelift focusing on several facial areas and the neck may become necessary. In any case, a thorough analysis of the affected areas and neck is important. Only by first consulting with the individual patient’s desires can an overall plan be developed leading to a pleasing end result.