Breast Augmentation

The breast is an essential characteristic of the feminine silhouette and is a synonym for femininity. To approach your own ideals more closely, a breast reconstruction or a breast lift can give your breast an aesthetic and authentic shape.

The operation
Various incision patterns are used for breast augmentations at the BEAUTY KLINIK an der Alster – all of which result in an almost invisible scar both while standing or lying. Thus, the very highest aesthetic demands are met. While there are various incision pattern possibilities, in about 95% of all cases, breast augmentation is carried out with a small cut in the breast folds resulting in a scar that is all but invisible after just a few months. A breast lifting and firming can be carried out, if necessary, in the same procedure.

Breast implants with a lifelong guarantee
We exclusively use textured implants made of Eurosilicon and Mentor. These meet all safety requirements and are characterized by the highest possible biological tolerance - we offer our patients a lifelong guarantee. These specific implants have very natural feel – especially in comparison to saline implants.

Post-operative care:
A tight-fitting support bra must be worn day and night for several weeks. During the first four weeks following surgery, strenuous activity should be avoided. Intensive sun exposure, sauna and solarium visits must also be avoided. The support bandages are removed 14 days after the procedure. This follow-up treatment and other post-operative treatments will be conducted according to scheduled appointments.

Risks and possible complications:
The risk of inflammation, bleeding, bruising and a lack of sensation is given with all operations. Each incision leaves a scar that will generally fade with time. In some case a hardening of the breasts or calcifications within the breast can occur. In individual cases the surgical procedure can lead to a loss of the ability to nurse.

The implant that is inserted into the breast will be isolated from the rest of the body by dense connective tissue. In rare cases, a hardening of the breast can result when this connective tissue capsule shrinks or become calcified.

In rare cases, pressure damage to the nerves and soft tissue can result from a breast augmentation. Generally this damage is reversed within several weeks.

Eurosilicone breast implants – LIFETIME WARRANTY

State-of-the-art breast implants by Eurosilicone
Eurosilicone can look back on many years of research and development. Its entire product range exhibits innovative, top-of-the-line quality characteristics and is manufactured to the highest standard.

Eurosilicone offers a Premium Patient Warranty which provides a lifetime product replacement warranty for all patients of Eurosilicone breast implants (the product warranty is detailed within the patient warranty card).

Cristalline is a newly developed, uniquely-textured surface structure that has been developed for implants by Eurosilicone. It has been proven to minimize the incidence of capsular contracture (breast implant hardening). Eurosilicone’s wide product range offers a broad spectrum of sizes and textures.